Course GIT for Developers

In the course Git for developers participants learn to understand the concepts of distributed version control and to begin with the GitHub suite of tools effectively.
Attention is paid to repositories that can be located both local and remote, how versions can be committed and possibly undone. It is further treated what Git branching is and which strategies you can use for branching and merging.
The control of Git from the command line is also discussed. Furthermore attention is paid to typical GitHub workflows, to undoing errors and history manipulation in a distributed environment.
Finally some of the available tools are treated like Revision Selection, Interactive Staging, Rewriting History and Debugging with bisect.

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  • Course GIT for Developers : Content

  • Course GIT for Developers : Training

    Audience GIT for Developers Course

    The course GIT for Developers is intended for developers who want to use Git and GitHub for distributed version control.

    Prerequisites Course GIT for Developers

    To participate in the course GIT for Developers knowledge of and experience with software development in a modern language such as Java, C++, C# or PHP is required.

    Realization Training GIT for Developers

    The theory is discussed on the basis of the presentation slides and is interspersed with exercises. Demo projects are used to clarify the concepts. The course material is in English.

    Certification GIT for Developers

    After successful completion of the course, the participants receive an official certificate GIT for Developers.

    Course GIT for Developers
  • Course GIT for Developers : Modules

    Module 1 : Git Intro

    Module 2 : Git Branching

    Module 3 : Git on the Server

    What is Git?
    Git and DVCS concepts
    GitHub platform
    Desktop repositories
    Recording Changes to the Repository
    Viewing the Commit History
    Undoing Things
    Document versioning
    Configuration and customization
    Branching and Merging
    Branche Management
    Branching Workflows
    Remote Branches
    Branching strategies
    Merge strategies
    Conflict resolution
    Multiple remotes
    Fork maintenance
    Temporary branching solutions
    The Protocols
    Getting Git on a Server
    Generating SSH Public Key
    Setting up the Server
    Public Access
    Hosted Git (GitHub)
    Local and remote repositories
    Distributed version control
    Working with Remotes
    Remote repository interaction
    Repository integration

    Module 4 : Distributed Git

    Module 5 : Git Tools

    Distributed Workflows
    Contributing to a Project
    Maintaining a Project
    Collaboration patterns
    Collaboration workflows
    Project management
    Git Configuration
    Attributes and Hooks
    Local and remote synchronization
    Shortcuts and efficiencies
    Revision Selection
    Interactive Staging
    History reordering
    History editing
    Rewriting History
    Debugging with bisect
    Subtree Merging
    Accidental commits
    Ignore patterns uses
    Aliases beyond-the-basics
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