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  • Course HTML Fundamentals : Content

    In the course HTML Fundamentals you will learn how to use the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) for the layout of web pages. HTML is not a programming language but a markup language in which the structure and visual appearance of web pages is indicated by means of elements and attributes. HTML basically tells the browser what a page should look like. During the course you build your own Web Site in HTML in successive exercises. That Web Site consists of a number of linked pages in which the most important elements of HTML work together.

    HTML Intro

    After an introduction to the basic architecture of the Internet in which Web Servers and Browser communicate with each other via the HTTP protocol, the basic structure of HTML web pages is explained.

    HTML Elements

    Subsequently the various elements of HTML pages, such as headings, paragraphs, tables, images, lists, frames are treated on the basis of demos. Internal and external hyperlinks to link different pages or parts of pages are also covered.

    HTML Attributes

    Another important part of HTML are its attributes, which add extra information and affect the precise representation of elements. Attributes are used to give an element a unique ID, to refer to the CSS class of an element or to link an element to a JavaScript function.

    HTML Forms

    The structure and operation of HTML Forms is also part of the program of the course. HTML Forms are used to capture user input in the browser, validate the input and, if possible, forward it to the server for further processing. The functionality of submit buttons and the difference between POST and GET requests is explained.

    HTML 5

    Finally a concluding module discusses the latest version of the standard, HTML 5, which includes many additions. Attention is then paid to improvements in the structure of pages and improvements with regard to validation.

  • Course HTML Fundamentals : Training

    Audience HTML Fundamentals Course

    The course HTML Fundamentals is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to create HTML web pages that are part of web applications on the Internet.

    Prerequisites Course HTML Fundamentals

    Knowledge of the basic aspects of the Internet and the use of a browser is required to participate in this course.

    Realization Training HTML Fundamentals

    The concepts are treated with the help presentation slides. A demo Web site is used to clarify the concepts. Considerable time is spent on hands-on exercises. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification HTML Fundamentals

    Participants receive an official certificate HTML Fundamentals after successful completion of the course.

    Course HTML Fundamentals
  • Course HTML Fundamentals : Modules

    Module 1 : HTML Intro

    Module 2 : Basic Tags

    Module 3 : Core Elements

    What is HTML?
    HTML Versions
    HTML Pages
    HTML Elements
    Basic Structure HTML Page
    Basic HTML Document
    Creating HTML Pages
    Character Encoding
    Web Architecture
    Web Servers
    HTTP Protocol
    HTTP Request Headers
    HTTP Status Codes
    Common Status Codes
    Head Tag
    Nested Head Tags
    Style Tag
    Common HTML Elements
    Heading Tag
    Paragraph Tag
    Horizontal Rules
    Line Breaks
    Formatting Tags
    Ordered Lists
    Unordered Lists
    Definition Lists
    DOCTYPE Declaration
    HTML Comments
    HTML Links
    Local Hyperlinks
    Global Hyperlinks
    Internal Hyperlinks
    Target Attribute
    HTML Images
    HTML Frames
    Table Attributes
    Empty Tag
    Block Tag
    Div Tag
    Span Tags
    Meta Tag

    Module 4 : Attributes

    Module 5 : HTML Forms

    Module 6 : HTML 5

    HTML Attributes
    Class Attribute
    ID Attribute
    Name Attribute
    Generic Attributes
    Body Attributes
    Special Attributes
    Event Attributes
    lang Attribute
    src Attribute
    alt Attribute
    width and height Attributes
    HTML Special Characters
    HTML Form Structure
    User Input Tags
    Text Fields
    Password Fields
    Checkbox Fields
    Radio Buttons
    Text Areas
    Area Attributes
    Dropdown Listbox
    Submit Buttons
    Reset Buttons
    Hidden Fields
    HTML5 Features
    HTML4 Pseudo Semantics
    HTML5 Semantic Markup
    Markup Differences
    Header Element
    Nav Element
    Footer Element
    Form Validation
    New HTML5 Input Types
    Email Input Types
    Tel Input Type
    Number Input Type
    Date Input Type
  • Course HTML Fundamentals : General

    Course Forms

    All our courses are classroom courses in which the students are guided through the material on the basis of an experienced trainer with in-depth material knowledge. Theory is always interspersed with exercises.


    We also do custom classes and then adjust the course content to your wishes. On request we will also discuss your practical cases.

    Course times

    The course times are from 9.30 to 16.30. But we are flexible in this. Sometimes people have to bring children to the daycare and other times are more convenient for them. In good consultation we can then agree on different course times.


    We take care of the computers on which the course can be held. The software required for the course has already been installed on these computers. You do not have to bring a laptop to participate in the course. If you prefer to work on your own laptop, you can take it with you if you wish. The required software is then installed at the start of the course.


    Our courses are generally given with Open Source software such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, Tomcat, Pycharm, Anaconda and Netbeans. You will receive the digital course material to take home after the course.


    The course includes lunch that we use in a restaurant within walking distance of the course room.


    The courses are planned at various places in the country. A course takes place at a location if at least 3 people register for that location. If there are registrations for different locations, the course will take place at our main location, Houten which is just below Utrecht. A course at our main location also takes place with 2 registrations and regularly with 1 registration. And we also do courses at the customer’s location if they appreciate that.


    At the end of each course, participants are requested to evaluate the course in terms of course content, course material, trainer and location. The evaluation form can be found at https://www.klantenvertellen.nl/reviews/1039545/spiraltrain?lang=en. The evaluations of previous participants and previous courses can also be found there.


    The intellectual property rights of the published course content, also referred to as an information sheet, belong to SpiralTrain. It is not allowed to publish the course information, the information sheet, in written or digital form without the explicit permission of SpiralTrain. The course content is to be understood as the description of the course content in sentences as well as the division of the course into modules and topics in the modules.

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