Course .NET GUI Development with WPF

In the course .NET GUI Development with WPF participants will learn how to create modern desktop applications with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Participants will learn the essentials of XAML, the MVVM architecture, and dive into creating visually appealing user interfaces. The course also covers advanced topics such as data binding, custom controls, graphics, multimedia, and explores localization and accessibility.

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  • Course .NET GUI Development with WPF : Content

    Introduction to WPF

    The course .NET GUI Development with WPF starts with a discussion of the architecture of the WPF subsystem in .NET for GUI applications. The essentials XML Application Markup Language (XAML), code behind files, functions and event handling are covered.


    Next the layout and user interface elements in WPF for creating visually appealing and responsive GUIs are discussed. Topics covered include panels, grid and the canvas.

    Input and Controls

    User input with mouse and keyboard and the associated event handling are also treated. Controls such as buttons, text fields, radio and check buttons, combo boxes and list boxes are also covered.

    Data Binding

    Next data binding in WPF is on the course program and it is demonstrated how data from databases or collections can be bound to WPF GUI elements. This enables automatic synchronization and updating of GUI elements.

    MVVM Architecture

    The Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern is also explained. The MVVM design pattern is widely used in WPF applications to achieve better maintainability and testability through separation of concerns.

    Data Access in WPF

    Data access in WPF applications is treated with integration with databases using Entity Framework or ADO.NET.


    Attention is also paid to the use of styles and templates in WPF for the creation of attractive GUIs.


    Then it is time to cover navigation techniques in WPF applications including navigation between pages and navigation between different views in an application.

    Text and Graphics

    Finally textual and graphic manipulation in WPF is discussed. This includes fonts, shapes, bitmaps and transformations that improve the visual presentation of the application.

  • Course .NET GUI Development with WPF : Training

    Audience Course .NET GUI Development with WPF

    The course .NET GUI Development with WPF is intended for C# developers who want to develop web applications with Windows Presentation Formation (WPF) and XAML.

    Prerequisites Course .NET GUI Development with WPF

    Participants should be familiar with Web protocols like HTTP and HTTPS. Knowledge of the fundamentals of C# are required.

    Realization Training .NET GUI Development with WPF

    Theory and practice are interchanged. After explanations with slides and demos, participants will do practical exercises with the subject matter.

    Certificate .NET GUI Development with WPF

    After successfully completing the course, the attendants receive a certificate of participation in .NET GUI Development with WPF.

    Course .NET GUI Development with WPF
  • Course .NET GUI Development with WPF : Modules

    Module 1 : Introduction to WPF

    Module 2 : Layout

    Module 3 : Input and Controls

    Intro WPF and .NET
    Overview of XAML
    Set up Environment
    WPF Application Structure
    Working with Controls
    Working with Layouts
    Event Handling in WPF
    Data Binding in WPF
    Application Deployment
    Layout Basics
    Layout Properties
    Custom Layout
    Routed Events
    Mouse Input
    Keyboard Input
    What Are Controls?
    Buttons and Menus
    Text Controls
    List Control
    DataGrid Control
    Slider Controls

    Module 4 : Data Binding

    Module 5 : MVVM Architecture

    Module 6 : Data Access in WPF

    Without Data Binding
    What is Data Binding?
    Two-Way Data Binding
    Binding to List Data
    Data Source Providers
    Master-Detail Binding
    Hierarchical Binding
    Debugging Data Binding
    MVVM Architecture
    Data Binding with MVVM
    Delegates in MVVM
    Communication Techniques
    Services in MVVM
    Dependency Injection
    MVVM Patterns
    MVVM Libraries
    Integrating with Databases
    Data Access Options
    Entity Framework with WPF
    ADO.NET for WPF Applications
    CRUD Operations in WPF
    Offline Data Access
    Data Validation
    Error Handling

    Module 7 : Styles

    Module 8 : Navigation

    Module 9 : Text and Graphics

    Styling Techniques
    Inline Styles
    Named Styles
    Element-Typed Styles
    Data Templates
    Resource Dictionaries
    Custom Styles and Themes
    Visual States
    Routed Events
    Browser Apps
    Navigation to HTML
    Fonts and Text Styles
    Text Object Model
    Graphics Fundamentals
    Brushes and Pens
    Visual Layer Programming
  • Course .NET GUI Development with WPF : General

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