Course Azure Administrator

The course Azure Administrator covers the essential management concepts of the Azure cloud and teaches the skills needed to administer and maintain Azure resources. The course is suitable to prepare candidates for the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate exam (AZ-104). This course is a great choice if you're new to Azure administration or looking for certification.

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  • Course Azure Administrator : Content

    Azure Intro

    The course Azure for Developers starts with an overview of the services and Availability Zones that the Azure Cloud Platform has to offer. The difference between Azure PAAS (Platform as a Service) and Azure IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) is also discussed.

    App Services

    Next App Services and how Azure can be used to host Applications and in particular Web Applications will be treated. Attention is also paid to the support of various Development Environments such as for ASP.NET, Node JS and Python.

    Data Access

    The various forms of storage that Azure has to offer are also on the program of the course. Blob Storage and File Storage are discussed. And also accessing relational and NoSQL databases from Azure is covered.

    VMs and Containers

    Azure also supports deployment of Virtual Machines that can be provisioned entirely as desired. Both Windows and Linux VM's are possible. And containers based on Docker Images are also supported in Azure.

    Azure Functions

    Next attention is paid to how Azure supports serverless computing with Azure Functions. Serverless computing does use servers, but they run invisibly in the cloud. Functions scenarios, function pipelines and function chaining are treated.

    Virtual Networks

    Finally attention is paid to the Azure Network Service and setting up Virtual Networks. Inbound and outbound rules are discussed and load balancing and port forwarding are covered.

  • Course Azure Administrator : Training

    Audience Course Azure Administrator

    The course Azure Administrator is intended for IT professionals who want to learn how to manage and maintain Microsoft Azure resources and services.

    Prerequisites Course Azure Administrator

    Experience with the management of operating systems and applications is required to participate in this course.

    Realization Training Azure Administrator

    The subject matter is explained using demos. The ratio between theory and practice is fifty fifty.

    Certificate Course Azure Administrator

    Attendants will receive a certificate of participation in Azure Administrator upon successful completion of the course.

    Cursus Azure Administrator
  • Course Azure Administrator : Modules

    Module 1 : Azure Intro

    Module 2 : Resource Management

    Module 3 : Virtual Machines

    Intro Azure Cloud
    Cloud Computing Types
    Azure Administrator Role
    Azure Services
    Azure Portal
    Management Interfaces
    Resource Groups and Tags
    Subscriptions and Billing
    Management Tools and SDKs
    Azure Cost Management
    What are Azure Resources?
    Azure Resource Groups
    Creating Resource Groups
    Deployment Templates
    ARM Templates
    Azure Resource Locks
    Azure Resource Policies
    Role-Based Access Control
    Azure Policies
    Resource Monitoring
    Azure Virtual Machines
    Creating VMs
    VM Images and Disks
    VM Sizes
    Performance Options
    Availability Sets and Zones
    Azure VM Extensions
    VM Backup
    VM Disaster Recovery
    Scaling VMs in Azure

    Module 4 : Azure Networking

    Module 5 : Access Management

    Module 6 : Storage Services

    Azure Virtual Networks
    VNet Peering
    Azure VPN Gateway
    Azure ExpressRoute
    Azure DNS
    Azure Firewall
    Network Security Groups
    Azure Load Balancing
    Azure Application Gateway
    Azure CDN
    Azure Active Directory
    AD Users and Groups
    Custom Roles
    Role Assignments
    AD Application Management
    Multi-Factor Authentication
    B2B and B2C
    Privileged Identity Management
    AD Conditional Access
    Identity Management
    Overview Azure Storage
    Azure Storage Benefits
    Azure Blob Storage
    Azure File Storage
    Table Storage
    Azure Queue Storage
    Azure Disk Storage
    Data Lake Storage
    Azure SQL Database
    Azure Cosmos DB

    Module 7 : Azure Compute Services

    Module 8 : Governance and Compliance

    Module 9 : Exam Preparation

    Azure App Service
    Azure Functions
    Serverless Computing
    Logic Apps
    Workflow Automation
    Kubernetes Service
    Azure Batch
    Azure Container Registry
    Deployment Strategies
    Policy and Blueprints
    Managing Azure Security
    Azure Security Center
    Azure Monitor and Log Analytics
    Azure Key Vault
    Secrets Management
    Azure Audit and Compliance
    Disaster Recovery and Backup
    Azure Backup and Site Recovery
    AZ-104 Exam Objectives
    Exam Preparation Tips
    Azure Automation
    Practice Questions
    Mock Exams
    Test Taking Strategies
    Review Questions
    Q&A Sessions
    Final Exam Review
  • Course Azure Administrator : General

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