Course Fitnesse Acceptance Testing

The course FitNesse Acceptance Testing covers how FitNesse can be used to write acceptance tests. FitNesse is a test automation tool that makes it possible to write acceptance tests in the form of tables on a wiki page.

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  • Course Fitnesse Acceptance Testing : Content

    Fitnesse Architecture

    After an explanation about the installation and architecture of FitNesse, the course FitNesse Acceptance Testing pays attention to the different language bindings that are possible.

    Fitnesse Wiki Tables

    It is discussed how you can specify test scripts in the form of wiki tables with FitNesse. These wiki pages are accessible to both testers and business analysts so that both can work on acceptance testing. The various pages in a FitNesse project are discussed such as the Root page, Test pages and the Setup and Teardown pages.

    Fitnesse Configuration

    The course FitNesse Acceptance Testing attention pays also attention to the configuration of FitNesse with both the FIT engine with fixture and the SLIM engine with various tables.

    Fitnesse Keywords

    By using FitNesse it is not immediately necessary to make tests with a programming language. A set of predefined keywords can be used in a smart way. If a keyword is missing, there is the possibility to expand the set of keywords.

    Fitnesse Best Practices

    Finally the course FitNesse Acceptance Testing explains the various possibilities and best practices to test both web applications and web services with FitNesse.

  • Course Fitnesse Acceptance Testing : Training

    Audience Course FitNesse Acceptance Testing

    The course FitNesse Acceptance Testing is intended for testers, developers and others who want to familiarize themselves with the use of FitNesse for making automated tests.

    Prerequisites Course FitNesse Acceptance Testing

    Experience with testing is required. Experience with the basic principles of programming is recommended, but not strictly necessary.

    Realization Training Acceptance Testing FitNesse

    This is an interactive classroom training with room for your own cases. It is a hands-on training in which theory and practice are interchanged. The theory is presented on the basis of slides and demos. Several scenarios are implemented as exercises. The course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Certification Acceptance Testing with FitNesse

    After successful completion of the course participants receive an official certificate Acceptance Testing with FitNesse.

    Fitnesse course
  • Course Fitnesse Acceptance Testing : Modules

    Module 1 : FitNesse Intro

    Module 2 : FitNesse Projects

    Module 3 : Configuring FitNesse

    What is FitNesse?
    Acceptance Testing
    Black Box Testing
    Functional Testing
    Test Automation
    FitNesse Web Server
    Wiki Tables and Engine
    Testing Engines
    SLIM and FIT
    Language Bindings
    Edit Front Page
    FitNesse Variables
    Page Properties
    Root Page
    Test Pages
    Setup Page
    Teardown Page
    Test Scripts
    Test Suites
    Decision Tables
    Setters and Getters
    Configuring FIT
    Column Fixture
    Row Fixture
    Action Fixture
    Configuring SLIM
    Query Table
    Scenario Table
    Data Types

    Module 4 : Writing Test Cases

    Module 5 : Running Test Cases

    System under Test
    Accessing Elements
    Data-driven testing
    Verification points
    Standard Keywords
    Own keywords
    Fitnesse plugins
    Run individually
    Command line options
    Run as suite
    Naming in suites
    Selective run
    Smoke test
    Execution order
    Names of tables
    Modular approach
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