Course Application Security for iOS

The course Application Security for iOS discusses how the iOS operating system and mobile apps on iOS can best be secured. In the training attention is paid to hardware, system, application, services and network security. The various forms of encryption, secure device management and the use of developer kit security are covered as well.

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  • Course Application Security for iOS : Content

    Intro Security

    The course Application Security for iOS begins with a discussion of key security concepts such as authentication, data resilience, encryption, confidentiality, integrity and access control.

    Hardware Security

    Next hardware security in iOS systems is discussed, with attention being paid to biometrics and the role of Face ID and Touch ID. The architecture of the specialized subsystem Secure Enclave on the chips in Apple systems is also treated.

    System Security

    The built-in system security in the iOS operating system is also covered including secure boot, signed system volume security, operating system integrity and secure software updates.

    Encryption and Protection

    The protection of data through encryption, passcodes and passwords is an important part of iOS security. Attention is paid to File and Data vaults, line-speed encryption and the use of digital signing.

    App Security

    App Security is also part of the Application Security for iOS course. Here the app code signing process, the security of runtime processes and the secure features of apps such as notes and shortcuts are treated.

    Services Security

    Then it is time to pay attention to the security of services on iOS such as iCloud, Facetime, Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. Secure messages for business and Continuity that allows you to seamlessly switch between devices with an Apple ID are also covered.

    Network Security

    And network security is a program component as well. The security of various network protocols such as TLS, IPv6, Wi-Fi, AirDrop and Bluetooth are explained. The Single Sign On functionality is also covered.

    Secure Device Management

    Finally attention is paid to how devices such as the camera and routers are secured. The security features of various Developer Kits such as HomeKit, SiriKit, DriverKit, ReplayKit and ARKit are on the program as well.

  • Course Application Security for iOS : Training

    Audience Course Application Security for iOS

    The course Application Security for iOS is intended for IT professionals who want to learn how to protect iOS mobile apps against the many security risks.

    Prerequisites Course Application Security for iOS

    Affinity with the development of mobile apps is required to participate in this course. Experience with software development helps in understanding the subject matter but is not required.

    Realization Training Application Security for iOS

    The course Application Security for iOS has a hands-on character. The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides and is interchanged with practical exercises.

    Certification Course Application Security for iOS

    After successfully participating in the training, the attendants receive a certificate of completion in Application Security for iOS.

    Application Security for iOS
  • Course Application Security for iOS : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro Security

    Module 2 : Hardware Security

    Module 3 : System Security

    Access Controls
    Backups and Recovery
    Data Erasure
    Data Masking
    Data Resiliency
    Hardware security overview
    Apple SoC security
    Secure Enclave
    Face ID
    Touch ID
    Memory Protection
    Microphone Disconnect
    Express Cards
    Power Reserve
    System security overview
    Secure boot
    Signed system volume security
    Secure software updates
    Operating system integrity
    Storage Encryption
    More system security capabilities
    System security for watchOS
    Random number generation
    Apple Security Research Device

    Module 4 : Encryption and Protection

    Module 5 : App Security

    Module 6 : Services Security

    Encryption Protection
    Data Protection
    Passcodes and passwords
    File Vault
    Data Vault
    User personal data Protection
    Digital signing and encryption
    Secure Enclave
    Line-speed Encryption
    App security overview
    App security in iOS
    iPad OS Security
    App code signing process
    Security of runtime process
    Supporting extensions
    App protection and app groups
    Secure features in Notes app
    Secure features in Shortcuts app
    Apple ID and Managed Apple ID
    Passcodes and Passwords
    Apple Pay
    Using Apple Wallet
    Secure Messages for Business
    FaceTime security

    Module 7 : Network Security

    Module 8 : Developer Kit Security

    Module 9 : Secure Device Management

    Network security overview
    TLS and IPv6 security
    VPN security
    Wi-Fi security
    Bluetooth security
    Single sign-on
    AirDrop security
    Firewall security
    Developer kit security overview
    HomeKit security
    Camera Security
    Securing Routers
    SiriKit security
    DriverKit security
    ReplayKit security
    ARKit security
    Secure Device Management Overview
    Pairing Model Security
    Mobile device management
    Apple Configurator security
    Screen Time security
    BYOD Program
    Apple File System
    Automated Device Enrollment
  • Course Application Security for iOS : General

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