Course Advanced C Programming

In the course Advanced C Programming the more advanced aspects of C programming like the use of modules and interfaces and object oriented programming in C using encapsulation are discussed.

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  • Course Advanced C Programming : Content

    Potential Dangers in C

    Potential dangers of certain constructs in C are highlighted such as C macros, evaluation order and the use of globals.

    Pointer Techniques

    Attention is paid to pointer techniques and the use of pointers to functions is discussed.

    Dynamic Data Structures

    The most common dynamic data structures such as arrays, linked lists, hash tables and trees and their implementation in C are addressed in detail.

    Optimization Techniques

    Also attention is paid to optimization techniques regarding speed and memory.

    Advanced C Library Function

    More advanced functions of the C library such as setjmp, longjmp, signals, bsearch, and qsort etc. are also on the course program.

    Bit Manipulation

    Finally bit manipulation and advanced string handling and parsing are discussed.

  • Course Advanced C Programming : Training

    Audience Course Advanced C Programming

    The course Advanced C Programming is intended for C developers who want to understand and use the more advanced features and techniques of the C language.

    Prerequisites Course Advanced C Programming

    To join this course knowledge of the basic concepts of programming in C and experience in C is required.

    Realization Training Advanced C Programming

    The concepts are treated on the basis of presentation slides. Illustrative demo programs are used to clarify the treated concepts. There is ample opportunity to practice and theory and practice is interspersed.

    Official Certificate Advanced C Programming

    Participants receive an official certificate Advanced C Programming after successful completion of the course.

    Course Advanced C Programming
  • Course Advanced C Programming : Modules

    Module 1 : C Pitfalls

    Module 2 : Object Orientation in C

    Module 3 : Pointers and Arrays

    C Standards
    Pitfalls C Language
    Write Clean Code
    Good Programming Style
    Rules for Functions
    Deep versus Flat Code
    Evaluation Order
    Avoid Macros
    Without const
    Using const
    Code Reuse
    Avoid Globals
    Pre and Post Conditions
    Code Smells
    Object Orientation
    Classes and Objects
    Example Class and Objects
    Object Orientation in C
    Simple Objects in C
    C versus C++
    Class Constructor in C
    Member Functions in C
    Encapsulation in C
    Public Function Members in C
    Extending C++ Classes
    Virtual Functions
    Virtual Function Table
    Pointers Revisited
    Pointer Arithmetic
    Pointers and Arrays
    Function Pointers
    Optional Ampersand
    Variable Length Arguments
    Varargs Example
    Array Initialization
    Array Traversal
    Arrays of Structs
    Arrays versus Pointers
    Multidimensional Arrays
    Indices in 3d Array
    Dynamic Arrays
    Ragged Arrays

    Module 4 : Data Structures in C

    Module 5 : Bit Manipulation

    Module 6 : C Standard Library

    Dynamic Data Structures
    Singly Linked Lists
    Linked List Element Type
    Creating List Elements
    Doubly Linked Lists
    Stacks and Queues
    Hash Tables
    Load Factor
    Hash Functions
    Trees Traversal
    Bit Manipulation
    Bitwise Operators
    Bitwise AND
    Bitwise OR
    Bitwise XOR
    Bitwise NOT
    Bitshift Operators
    Bit Shifting
    Bitwise Assignment Operators
    Bit Rotation
    BitFlag Functions
    What are Signals?
    ANSI C-Signal Types
    Handling Signals
    setjmp and longjmp
    atexit Function
    assert Function
    perror Function
    Raising Signals
    Alarm Signal

    Module 7 : String Handling

    Looking for Characters
    Looking for Substrings
    Count Matching Characters
    Looking for Character Sets
    String Comparison
    String Tokenizing
    Converting Strings to Numbers
    Handling Conversion Errors
    qsort and Bsearch
    Advanced String Handling
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