Course SOAP UI API Testing

The course SOAP UI API Testing discusses how to use the SOAP UI toolkit for testing Application Program Interfaces (API's) with REST, SOAP, GraphQL, microservices and other API protocols.

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  • Course SOAP UI API Testing : Content

    SOAP UI Spectrum

    By using the open source SOAP UI toolkit testers and developers can use a simple graphical interface to set up API testing. SOAP UI covers the entire test spectrum from functional tests to security tests, load testing and mocking.

    SOAP UI Protocols

    The course SOAP UI API Testing covers in detail the testing of REST services with the HTTP Protocol, JSON data, URL patterns and content negotiation. Attention is also paid to the testing of SOAP Services, the SOAP Protocol, XML data and XML Schema data validation. Also API exploration using REST clients such as Postman and the command line tool curl is discussed.

    SOAP UI Integration

    SOAP UI can easily be integrated into a Continuous Delivery pipeline and the automation of tests and the generation of test data is therefore on the course schedule as well. Finally the course API Testing with SOAP UI discusses how the Mocking of Services can be set up.

    Custom Content

    The course SOAP UI API Testing can be adapted on request and in consultation and can then pay attention to more specific forms of API testing.

  • Course SOAP UI API Testing : Training

    Audience Course SOAP UI API Testing

    The course SOAP UI API Testing is for testers and developers who want to use SOAP UI for testing API's and REST and SOAP Web Services.

    Prerequisites Course SOAP UI API Testing

    Experience with testing is required. Experience with basic programming principles is recommended, but is not strictly necessary to participate in the course SOAP UI API Testing.

    Realization Training SOAP UI API Testing

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentations. The concepts are explained with demos. The theory is interchanged with exercises. Course times are from 9:30 am to 16:30 pm.

    Certification SOAP UI API Testing

    After successful completion of the course, the participants receive an official certificate SOAP UI API Testing.

    Course SOAP UI API Testing
  • Course SOAP UI API Testing : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro API Testing

    Module 2 : REST Services

    Module 3 : SOAP Services

    What is API Testing?
    REST versus SOAP
    XML and JSON
    Environment Setup
    Available Tools
    SOAP UI Interface
    Postman in Depth
    REST Assured API
    Using Swagger
    What is REST?
    HTTP Requests
    GET and DELETE
    POST and PUT
    HTTP Headers
    HTTP Response
    Status Codes
    Content Negotiation
    JSON Validation
    What is SOAP?
    SOAP Envelope
    SOAP Headers
    SOAP Body
    SOAP Faults
    XML Schema
    Schema Data Types
    SOAP Validation

    Module 4 : API Exploration

    Module 5 : Test Automation

    Module 6 : Mocking Services

    Issue Requests
    Postman Collections
    Environment Variables
    Postman Through Proxy
    Viewing Traffic
    Health Checks
    Using Fuzzing
    cURL Requests in Postman
    Adhoc Automating
    Automatic with BASH
    Automating with CMD
    Using REST Assured API
    Code Coverage
    Creating Abstraction Layers
    Generating Random Data
    RestFull Mocking
    Prototyping Services
    Recording HTTP Traffic
    Mock Service Creation
    Mock From Scatch
    Mock Service Scripting
    Mock Handler Objects
    Using Files in Response
    Mock From Discovery
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