Course iOS Development with Swift

In the course iOS development with Swift participants learn to use the programming language Swift for the development of apps for the iPhone and iPad. In the development of iOS apps the XCode Development Environment is used and the many possibilities of this IDE are discussed.

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  • Course iOS Development with Swift : Content

    Apps Intro

    The iOS Development with Swift course kicks off with a discussion of the iOS Architecture, the anatomy of iOS devices, and the iOS SDK. The Templates, Projects, Workspaces and Interface Builder of the XCode IDE are discussed as well.

    App Architecture

    Next after an overview of the essentials of the Swift programming language, attention is paid to the Model View Controller architecture of iOS apps. The linking of User Interface elements with code via IBOutlets and IBActions is then covered as well.

    UIControls and Views

    Views and controls are the visual building blocks of the user interface of an iOS App. Various controls such as buttons, switches, tables, date pickers and maps are treated. Views such as Collection, Navigation and Tab Bar Views are also discussed.


    In addition multitasking in iOS apps is also part of the course program. Here Background Apps Refresh, State Restoration, the Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and Concurrency are covered.

    Data Access

    File System data access with Core Data and database access with SQLite is an important part of the course. The course als discusses how to deal with XML and JSON data that come in via HTTP networking and web service access.


    Participants will learn how to use storyboards for UI design and explore drawing techniques and animation. Debugging iPhone and iPad apps is also treated.

    Advanced Topics

    The course iOS development with Swift ends by paying attention to deployment issues and localization of apps.

  • Course iOS Development with Swift : Training

    Audience iOS Development with Swift Course

    The course iOS Development with Swift is intended for developers who want to use the Swift programming language to develop apps for the iPhone and the iPad.

    Prerequisites Course iOS Development with Swift

    Some knowledge of programming in Objective C or Swift is required to participate in the course iOS Development with Swift.

    Realization Training iOS Development with Swift

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides. Demos are used to explain the theory. There is ample opportunity to practice and theory and exercises are interspersed. The course uses the latest version of iOS SDK, XCode and Interface Builder.

    Certification iOS Development with Swift

    Participants receive an official certificate iOS Development with Swift after successful completion of the course.

    Course iOS Development with Swift
  • Course iOS Development with Swift : Modules

    Module 1 : Apps Intro

    Module 2 : Swift Overview

    Module 3 : App Architecture

    XCode IDE
    Creating projects
    Templates, Projects, and Workspaces
    Creating a New Project
    LLVM and LLDB
    Debug Gauges
    Asset Management
    XCTest Testing Framework
    Anatomy of an iOS Device
    iOS Architecture
    Available SDKs
    Version Compatibility
    Data Types
    Collection Types
    Classes and Structures
    Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)
    Objective-C Interoperability
    MVC architecture
    Root View Controller
    Navigation Controller
    Controlling Stack Navigation
    Controller Communication

    Module 4 : UIControls

    Module 5 : Views

    Module 6 : Multitasking

    Interface Builder
    Basic Interaction
    Buttons and Text Fields
    Sliders and Segments
    Action sheets and Alerts
    Image scrolling
    Zooming images
    Data Picker
    The View Hierarchy
    View behavior
    Containers and Controls
    Dynamic applications
    Collection views
    Text and Web Views
    Navigation View
    Tab Bars
    Alert Views and Action Sheets
    Application States
    Background Execution
    Background App Refresh
    State Restoration
    Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)
    Serial and Concurrent Queues
    Main Dispatch Queue
    Completion Blocks
    Operation Queues

    Module 7 : Advanced Controls

    Module 8 : Persistence

    Module 9 : RSS and JSON

    Customizing Tables
    Table View Styles
    Custom Cells
    Tab Bars
    Using MapKit
    Display Maps
    Navigate Locations
    Storing user preferences
    NSFileManager and NSFileHandle
    Pathnames in Swift
    Directories and Files
    Reading and Writing from a File
    Key-Value Data
    Using SQLite Directly
    Overview of Core Data
    Managed Objects
    Persistent Store Coordinator
    Retrieving and Modifying Data
    Synchronous Downloads
    Asynchronous Downloads
    Handling Timeouts
    Sending HTTP GET Requests
    Sending HTTP POST Requests
    Using RSS
    Using JSON
    Parsing JSON
    Parsing XML

    Module 10 : Layouts and Storyboards

    Module 11 : Drawing and Animations

    Module 12 : Advanced Topics

    Auto layout
    View Autosizing
    Handling screen size
    Handle rotation
    Size classes
    Split view controllers
    Controlling Rotation Behavior
    What are Storyboards?
    Adding Scenes
    Using in a Tab Bar Application
    The Responder Chain
    Touch Notification Methods
    Respond to notifications
    Enabling Multitouch on the View
    Gesture Recognizers
    Core Graphics and Quartz 2D
    Lines, Paths, and Shapes
    Core Animation Blocks
    SpriteKit and SceneKit
    Physics Engine
    Adding Effects
    Targeting Multiple Devices
    iPhone vs. iPad
    Universal Apps
    Detecting Device Capabilities
    Supporting Multiple iOS Versions
    App Framework Support
    Implementing Handoff
    Localization and Resources
    Running on a Physical Device
    Development Certificates
    Assigning Devices
    Creating an App ID
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