Course JSON Fundamentals

In the course JSON Fundamentals participants learn the basics of the JSON data format and gain a thorough understanding of the application of JSON in REST Services and configuration files.

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  • Course JSON Fundamentals : Content

    JSON Introduction

    The course JSON Fundamentals starts with an explanation of the JSON standard and its different versions. Subsequently the close relationship between JavaScript and JSON, which is the abbreviation of JavaScript Object Notation, is discussed.

    JSON Syntax

    Attention is paid to the syntax of JSON documents where data consists of names linked to values, different data elements are separated by commas, objects are surrounded by braces and square brackets contain arrays.

    JSON Validity

    Validating JSON documents with JSON Schema is also covered. The difference between syntactic and semantic validation is treated. And the different data types that JSON Schema knows, such as numbers, objects, arrays and enumerated values are discussed.

    JSON Processing

    Finally the use of JSON for Web APIs is on the schedule of the course JSON Fundamentals. Attention is also be paid to search possibilities with JSON and to the transformation of JSON data to other data formats such as HTML.

  • Course JSON Fundamentals : Training

    Audience Course JSON Fundamentals

    The course JSON Fundamentals is designed for developers, systems analysts, and system administrators who want to learn the basic concepts of JSON and its applications.

    Prerequisites Course JSON Fundamentals

    General computer skills and basic knowledge of the Internet are required to participate in this course.

    Realization Training JSON Fundamentals

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides. The theory is clarified through demos and interspersed with exercises. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certificate course JSON Fundamentals

    After successfully completing the course, the participants receive a certificate JSON Fundamentals.

    Course JSON Fundamentals
  • Course JSON Fundamentals : Modules

    Module 1 : JSON Introduction

    Module 2 : JSON Syntax

    Module 3 : JSON Validity

    JSON Standard
    Why JSON?
    JSON and JavaScript
    JavaScript Objects
    JSON Generators
    JSON Stringifier
    JSON Parser
    Core JSON
    JSON Versions
    JSON File Type
    JSON Style Guidelines
    JSON Data Types
    JSON Value Types
    JSON Nesting
    JSON MIME Type
    JSON Objects
    JSON Arrays
    JSON Comments
    JSON Serialization
    JSON Deserialization
    Using eval
    Syntactic Validation
    Semantic Validation
    What Is JSON Schema?
    Comparison to XML Schema
    JSON Schema Types
    Basic Types
    Enumerated Values
    Pattern Properties

    Module 4 : JSON Processing

    JSON Web API's
    JSON Search
    Libraries and Tools
    JSON Search Libraries
    JSON Search Tools
    JSON Path
    JSON Pointer
    JSON Transform
    Transform Libraries
    JSON-to-JSON Transform
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