Course AWS Foundations

The course AWS Foundation is designed to help candidates prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. The course covers fundamental AWS concepts, services and best practices and provides the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively in the AWS cloud environment.

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  • Course AWS Foundations : Content

    AWS Intro

    The course AWS Foundations starts with a general overview of Cloud Computing and provides an understanding of the overall structure of the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud. The AWS pricing model and AWS billing are also discussed.

    Compute Services

    Next the Compute Services in AWS are covered, including the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with which Virtual Machines can be created and enabled in the cloud. Attention will also be paid to Elastic Load Balancing, Serverless Computing and AWS Lambda.

    Storage Services

    Next Storage Services are treated, including the S3 Simple Storage Service, the Elastic Block Store (EBS) and the Elastic File System (EFS). The Relational Database Service will also be discussed, which allows relational databases to be hosted in the AWS cloud.

    AWS Networking

    Part of the program of the AWS Foundations course is also an overview of networking in the AWS cloud. The possibilities of the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), VPN Connections, Amazon CloudFront CDN and the Route 53 DNS Service are explained.

    AWS Security

    AWS Security is also covered with the Shared Responsibility Model, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). And AWS Data Encryption is treated.

    AWS Foundations exam

    Finally attention is paid to the preparation for the AWS Foundations exam. The questions from various test exams are discussed and tips are given that can help you to pass the exam.

  • Course AWS Foundations : Training

    Audience Course AWS Foundations

    The course AWS Foundations is intended for anyone who wants to learn Amazon Web Services or prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam (CLF-C01).

    Prerequisites Course AWS Foundations

    No specific prior knowledge is required for this course. General IT knowledge is desirable.

    Realization Training AWS Foundations

    AWS's services are explained using demos. During the course demonstrations are interchanged with practical exercises.

    Certification Course AWS Foundations

    Attendants receive a certificate of participation in the AWS Foundations course upon successful completion.

    Cursus AWS Foundations
  • Course AWS Foundations : Modules

    Module 1 : AWS Intro

    Module 2 : Compute Services

    Module 3 : Storage Services

    Intro to Cloud Computing
    What is AWS?
    AWS Global Infrastructure
    AWS Pricing Model
    AWS Billing
    AWS Cloud Types
    AWS Identity
    IAM Access Keys
    CloudWatch for Monitoring
    Resource Management
    Systems Manager (SSM)
    Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    EC2 Instance Types
    EC2 Families
    Launching EC2 Instances
    EC2 Security Groups
    Key Pairs and SSH Access
    Elastic Load Balancing
    Auto Scaling in AWS
    Serverless Computing
    AWS Lambda
    Elastic Container Service
    Simple Storage Service
    S3 Buckets and Objects
    Data Encryption in S3
    Elastic Block Store (EBS)
    Elastic File System (EFS)
    Storage Gateway
    Storage Services
    Relational Database Service
    RDS Engine Types
    DynamoDB NoSQL Database
    ElastiCache for Caching

    Module 4 : AWS Networking

    Module 5 : AWS Security

    Module 6 : AWS Exam Preparation

    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    VPC Subnets
    Route Tables
    VPC Security
    Network Access Control
    VPC Peering
    VPN Connections
    Amazon CloudFront CDN
    Route 53 DNS Service
    AWS Direct Connect
    AWS Global Accelerator
    Shared Responsibility Model
    Security Best Practices
    AWS Identity
    Access Management (IAM)
    Network Security
    VPC Security
    AWS Data Encryption
    Compliance and Auditing
    Trusted Advisor
    Security Monitoring
    Incident Response
    Certified Cloud Practitioner
    AWS Exam Overview
    Well-Architected Framework
    Identify Solutions
    AWS Financial Benefits
    Exam Preparation Tips
    Practice Questions
    Mock Exams
    Test-Taking Strategies
    Review Sessions
    Final Exam Review
  • Course AWS Foundations : General

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