Course JSON Schema

The course JSON Schema covers the syntax and usage of the JSON Schema language for validating JSON data and JSON documents with respect to content model and data types.

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  • Course JSON Schema : Content

    JSON Overview

    The course JSON Schema starts with an overview of the syntax of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). The JSON basic structure with name-value pairs, objects and arrays is discussed. JSON Serialization and Deserialization are also covered.

    JSON Data Types

    Next attention is paid to JSON Data Types. All possible data types in JSON with their possible values are reviewed.

    JSON Schema

    Then the course proceeds with explaining how JSON Schemas are defined with a unique identifier. The JSON Schema Reference and type-specific and generic keywords are covered.

    Objects and Arrays

    The program of the course JSON Schema also contains the restrictions that can be imposed on the data types objects and arrays. For example object properties can be enforced to conform to certain patterns and the length of an array can be limited.

    Schema Composition

    Subsequently combining JSON Schemas by means of Schema Composition is discussed. Also covered is how subschemes can be applied conditionally with if then else constructs.

    Complex Schemes

    Finally the course JSON Schema also covers complex schemas with JSON pointers, references, anchors and recursion.

  • Course JSON Schema : Training

    Audience Course JSON Schema

    The course JSON Schema is intended for project leaders, systems analysts, application developers and system administrators who want to learn the basic concepts of JSON Schema and the applications of JSON Schema.

    Prerequisites Course JSON Schema

    General computer skills and basic knowledge of the Internet are required to participate in this course.

    Realization Training JSON Schema

    The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides. The theory is clarified with demos and interchanged with exercises. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certificate JSON Schema

    After successfully completing the course, the participants receive a certificate JSON Schema.

    Course JSON Schema
  • Course JSON Schema : Modules

    Module 1 : JSON Overview

    Module 2 : JSON Data Types

    Module 3 : JSON Schema

    JSON Standard
    JSON and JavaScript
    JSON Syntax
    JSON Data
    Name Value Pairs
    Data Comma Separated
    Objects in Braces
    Arrays in Bracket
    JSON Serialization
    JSON Deserialization
    Parsing JSON
    JSON Objects
    JSON Arrays
    JSON Numbers
    JSON Strings
    JSON Comments
    JSON File Type
    JSON MIME Type
    JSON Enumerated Types
    Characters and Digits
    Booleans and null
    White Space
    What is JSON Schema?
    Declaring a JSON Schema
    Declaring Unique Identifier
    JSON Schema Reference
    Type Specific Keywords
    Regular Expressions
    Numeric Types
    Multiples and Ranges
    Generic Keywords
    Constant values

    Module 4 : Objects and Arrays

    Module 5 : Schema Composition

    Module 6 : Complex Schema's

    Object Properties
    Pattern Properties
    Additional Properties
    Required Properties
    Property Names
    Array Items
    Tuple Validation
    Unevaluated Items
    Array Contains
    Array Length
    Schema Composition Properties
    allOf and anyOf
    oneOf and not
    Applying Subschemas Conditionally
    Declaring a Dialect
    Structuring Complex Schema's
    Schema Identification
    Base URI
    Retrieval URI
    JSON Pointer
    $ref and $defs
    Extending Recursive Schemas
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