Course XQuery

The XML language XQuery is central to the XQuery course. The participants learn how XQuery can be used to select and transform XML data.

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  • Course XQuery : Content

    XQuery Intro

    Attention is paid to the syntax of XQuery, the XQuery specification and the parts of XQuery.

    XML Vocabularies

    Also the relationships of XQuery with other XML vocabularies such as XPath, XSLT and XML Schema are discussed.

    XQuery Data Types and Expressions

    Furthermore the data types, built-in functions of XQuery and the different XQuery expressions are discussed.

    Flower Expression

    The so called flower expressions which are characteristic for XQuery are treated in detail.


    Finally attention is paid to some more advanced applications of XQuery like joins, the use of XQuery in combination with other technologies and for the accessing of relational data.

  • Course XQuery : Training

    Audience Course XQuery

    The course XQuery is designed for developers who wish to apply XQuery in practice for the selection of XML data.

    Prerequisites Course XQuery

    To participate in this course basic knowledge of XML and HTML syntax is required. Experience with programming and Structured Query Language (SQL) is beneficial for a good understanding.

    Realization Training XQuery

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides. Demos are used to clarify the theory. The theory is interspersed with hands-on exercises. Usage is made of modern XQuery tools and the course material is in English. The course times are from 9.30 up and to 16.30.

    Certification XQuery

    After successful completion of the course, participants receive an official XQuery certificate.

    Course XQuery
  • Course XQuery : Modules

    Module 1 : XQuery Introduction

    Module 2 : XQuery Syntax

    Module 3 : XPath Node Selection

    What is XQuery?
    XQuery Motivation
    XML versus Relational Model
    Requirements Query Language
    Three Parts of XQuery
    XQuery Language Characteristics
    Types of Queries
    Where is XQuery used?
    XQuery's Position
    XQuery and Other Technologies
    XQuery Specifications
    Basic Syntax Rules
    XQuery Functions
    Structure of an XQuery Module
    XQuery Expressions
    Path Expressions
    Element Constructors
    Other Query Expressions
    FLWR Expressions
    Conditional Expressions
    XQuery Comparisons
    XPath Expressions
    XPath Data Types
    XPath Context
    Peer Axis Types
    Descendent Axis Types
    Ancestor Axis Types
    Location Path Syntax
    For Expressions
    Quantified Expressions
    Conditional Expressions

    Module 4 : XQuery Data Types

    Module 5 : Joins

    Module 6 : Functions and Operators

    XPath Data Models
    Infoset and PSVI
    Three Building Blocks
    Atomic Types and Values
    XQuery Type Hierarchy
    XML Schema Types
    String Types
    Date and Time Types
    Numeric Types
    Binary Data Types
    Expressing Joins
    Constructing Nodes
    FLWR Expressions
    For versus Let
    Node Generation
    Processing Instructions
    Element Constructors
    Attribute Constructors
    Text Constructors
    Other Constructors
    Sample Queries
    XPath Functions
    XQuery Functions
    Regular Expressions
    Enhanced String Functions
    Functions for Sequences
    XPath Operators
    XQuery Operators
    Comparison Operators
    Types Issues
    Constructor Functions
    User Defined Functions

    Module 7 : Advanced Concepts

    Library Modules
    Global Variables
    Recursive Functions
    Strong Typing
    XML Schema Validation
    String Search
    Queries using Namespaces
    Listing Namespaces
    Listing Target URI's
    Recursive Parts Explosion
    Access to Relational Data
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