PHP Programmer Academy

PHP Programmer Academy

PHP certification in 8 course days for 3250 Euro

The PHP Programmer Academy is a unique and thorough training program that allows you to certify to Zend Certified PHP Programmer. This internationally recognized certificate is proof of your technical knowledge and expertise in PHP development. A Zend PHP Certification is highly valued in the market for PHP web developers. Companies make good use of the knowledge of Certified PHP Programmers for executing software development projects. The exam itself is not part of the Academy but must be booked and purchased separately.

Course : PHP Programming
Selfstudy : Exercises en cases
Course : Advanced PHP Programming
Selfstudy : Exercises en cases
Course : PHP Programmer Certification
Selfstudy : Tests
Exam : PHP Programmer Exam

Unique in design

The PHP Programmer Academy consists of three modules that logically follow one another and which prepare for the exam. The modules are given based on the open schedule, which means that students from different companies will participate in the course. The purpose of the Academy is that you will digest the knowledge gained in each module through self-study and by practical experience. After completion of the module, you will be provided with case studies to exercise what you have learned and put it into practice. Before doing the real exam you get the chance to test your knowledge by doing mock exams. After passing the exam you obtain the corresponding certification.

Lead time

The PHP Programmer Academy is given six times a year and consists of a total of eight training days in 2 months. An Academy starts every two months. In general, it is not advisable in view of the difficulty of the subject matter to follow the modules in quick succession. Rather, it is obvious gain practical experience with cases and exercises after the first module and then do the following modules and the corresponding examination. A lead time of six months is not unusual, but with a high level of knowledge and learning it can be done faster.


What do you learn

After successfully completing the PHP Programmer Academy you are able to build PHP web applications, access databases from PHP applications and implement sessions and security in PHP web applications. During the course you will learn to work with the NetBeans IDE.


After various modules you will get exercises or case that applies to what is taught in the module. The cases relate to practical examples of software development and carry a business nature. The solutions of the exercises or the case is handed out to you after some time.



Following the module prior to the exam for a PHP programmer certificate, you will get a test that prepares for the exam. The test is representative of the exam. On the basis of the tests you will get an impression if you have enough knowledge to pass the exam. You will get 2 tests for the exam.


During the Academy you can do the Zend Certified PHP Programmer exam. A large part of the exam consists of multiple choice questions. After passing the examination the relevant certificate is obtained.