C# Developer Academy

C# Developer Academy

C# and ASP.NET Certification in 10 course days for 4000 Euro

C # Programmer Academy is a unique and thorough training program that allows you to certify to Microsoft Certified Application and Web Developer C # with Visual C # .NET. These certificates are proof of your technical knowledge and expertise related to developing applications for the .NET platform using Visual C # .NET. Microsoft C # certificates are highly regarded in the market for software developers. Companies will make good use of the knowledge of Certified Visual C # .NET developers to perform software development projects. After passing the exams from the Academy you obtain certificates Programming in C # and Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications. The exams themselves are not part of the Academy, but must be booked and purchased separately.

Course C# Programming
Selfstudy Exercises, cases en tests
Exam 70-483 Programming in C#
Course ASP.NET Web Development
Selfstudy Exercises, cases en tests
Exam 70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Apps
C# Certificate

Unique in design

C # Programmer Academy consists of a series of modules that logically follow each other and to share training exams. The route is designed for experienced C, C ++, Visual Basic or Java developers. Developers without this knowledge is recommended to follow an introductory course in which this knowledge is gained. The modules are followed based on open grid, which means that students from different companies participating in the training. The structure of the Academy is focused on you processed your knowledge of the end of each module through self-study and gain practical experience. After completion of the module you will do so at their disposal cases to pursue learning and putting into practice. Before doing the actual exam you will get the chance to test your knowledge by doing mock exams.

Lead time

C # Programmer Academy starts regularly and comprises a total of 10 training days in 6 steps. In general, it is not advisable in view of the gravity of the substance to the modules follow in quick succession. Rather, it is to be followed using one module in the first month, then to gain and achieve the exam praoktijkervaring. A few months later than the next module can be done again and the subsequent practical exam. A lead time of six months is not unusual, but at a high level of knowledge and learning can also faster.

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What do you learn

After the successful completion of the C # Developer Academy you know the main concepts and terminology of the .NET Framework, such as the common language runtime, the common type system, base class libraries, assemblies, the role of XML, and delegates. During the training you will learn to develop .NET applications with C # and ASP.NET. You will learn the C # language to use, develop components and interfaces and apply the different application types. The debug and deploy .NET applications on the program.


After completion of various modules you will get a number of exercises, or a case to employ that which is learned in a module. The cases refer to examples from the practice of software development and transfer of a business nature. The elaboration of the exercises or the case will be presented in time to you.



After modules prior to one of the exams for .NET certificate you get a test that will prepare for the exam. The test is representative of the exam. On the basis of the tests you can get an idea that you have enough knowledge to pass the exam. You will have 2 tests per exam.


During the process one can take a 2-many exams. The exams consist largely of multiple choice questions, but there are other tasks that test the knowledge. The exams are Microsoft exams. After passing the exams, you get the certificates “Microsoft Certified Developer C # .NET” and Microsoft Certified ASP.NET Developer “.