HTML5 becomes Standard

HTML5 becomes Standard

The World Wide Web Consortium has finally elevated the HTML5 specification to ‘recommendation’ status. This is means that HTML5 has now become a standard. HTML5 is a critical piece for the next generation of Web technology for building distributed applications, characterized by rich media – video, audio and graphics – natively available in browsers.

The Web only works well if there’s interoperability and you get there through the standardization process. Standardization is a lengthy process and the standards body learns from early implementations in advancing the specification.

One of the major hang-ups during the development of the HTML5 specification was the inclusion of a video codec for decoding video. H.264 is widely used but is not royalty-free. A royalty-free version would be extremely helpful for people in developing countries who are more sensitive to cost.

HTML5 is discussed in our course HTML5 and CSS3.