Get Into PHP

Get Into PHP

Get started learning PHP with the PHP Tutorial of Jobtensor. This tool is intended for everyone who wants to learn PHP programming language, whether your are a beginner or already a pro.

What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a popular open source scripting language. It is particularly well suited for web development and much more. PHP is also a server-side scripting language which means that the code is executed in the server.

What can you do with PHP?

PHP has a lot of usage aside from creating web pages. The following are some of them:

  • Security – using PHP, developers can implement user authentication for web applications.
  • Database-friendly – PHP supports a lot of databases including the most popular ones such as MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, MS SQL, etc.
  • REST and web services – with native support for JSON and XML, creating web services with PHP should be a breeze.
  • Ecommerce and CMS – with most CMS written in PHP, developers can create and manipulate themes and plugins easily, making websites and ecommerce platforms more efficient.
  • System scripting – using PHP’s command line interpreter, system and site administrators can perform maintenance tasks on servers.

Why use PHP?

  • Popularity – because of PHP’s popularity, it has created a huge community. With huge community comes easier and faster support. Documentation is also very extensive.
  • Free – as an open-source software, PHP is free to use, thus cutting the development budget.
  • Database compatibility – with PHP supporting a wide range of databases, developers are not restricted with their choice of databases.
  • Cloud services – Most projects today use cloud computing platforms such as AWS. PHP applications are supported by these cloud services, making it easier to integrate and deploy on cloud servers.