Course Xamarin Mobile Development

In the course Xamarin Mobile Development participants learn to create cross-platform apps with the Xamarin Framework, the .NET framework and C#.

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  • Course Xamarin Mobile Development : Content

    Xamarin Intro

    With Xamarin native apps are developed for Android and iOS devices based on a shared code base in C#. Apps built with Xamarin use standard native user interface controls that not only look like the user expects, but also behave that way.

    Xamarin Development

    Xamarin apps can access the full API of the underlying platform including platform specific things such as Augmented Reality Kit from Apple and Android Multi-Window mode. In addition apps developed with the Xamarin Framework platform use specific hardware acceleration and are compiled to native code resulting in optimal performance.


    The course starts with an introduction to the Xamarin tooling such as device emulators and the integration in Visual Studio. Next attention is paid to the principles of Cross Platform Development with App Navigation techniques, Xamarin.Forms and Portable Class Libraries. Markup in XAML, the various User Interface elements and layout options are also discussed.

    Data Binding

    Then the MVVM Architecture, the use of App lifecycle events and the data binding between user interface elements and the underlying code are treated. Page navigation is also covered here.

    Triggers and Behaviors

    Triggers and Behaviors are also part of the course program. Triggers allow you to declaratively specify actions in XAML that will be executed when certain conditions are met. Behaviors allow functionality to be added to User Interface Controls without subclassing them.

    REST API Integration

    Attention is also paid to the integration of REST services for displaying and changing data via remote calls from a device. Additionally asynchronous calls with the async and await mechanism are covered.

    Database Access

    Also part of the course is data access with a local SQLite data source. Finally dependency injection is treated and a number of advanced topics such as messaging and the Xamarin.Forms shell are discussed.

  • Course Xamarin Mobile Development : Training

    Audience Course Xamarin Mobile Development

    The Xamarin Mobile Development course is intended for developers who want to use the Xamarin Framework to create cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

    Prerequisites course Xamarin Mobile Development

    To participate in this course knowledge and experience with programming in C# or Java is required. Experience with Visual Studio and Mono for Android is desirable.

    Realization Training Xamarin Mobile Development

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentations and is interchanged with exercises. Illustrative demos are used to clarify the concepts. Course times are from 9.30 to 16.30.

    Certification Xamarin Mobile Development

    After successful completion of the course participants receive an official certificate Xamarin Mobile Development.

    Xamarin Mobile Development Course
  • Course Xamarin Mobile Development : Modules

    Module 1 : Xamarin Intro

    Module 2 : Xamarin Development

    Module 3 : XAML Markup

    What is Xamarin?
    Xamarin extends .NET
    Cross Platform Development
    Xamarin Features
    Xamarin Architecture
    Xamarin Advantages
    MVVM Architecture
    iOS API Coverage
    Android API Coverage
    Xamarin Installation
    NuGet Package Management
    Xamarin Development
    Visual Studio Integration
    C# versus F#
    App Class and Main Page
    Android SDK and iOS SDK
    Android Emulators
    iOS Emulators
    Shared Project
    Xamarin Android
    Xamarin iOS
    Real Device Connections
    XAML Markup
    XAML Anatomy
    Code Behind Files
    XAML Layouts
    XAML Tags
    XAML Attributes
    Property Elements
    Attached Properties
    Markup Extensions
    Shared Resources
    x:Static Extension

    Module 4 : Xamarin Forms

    Module 5 : App Lifecycle

    Module 6 : Data Binding

    Xamarin Controls
    Buttons and Labels
    Entry Control
    Editor Control
    Stacks and Grids
    Tab Pages
    Custom Renderers
    Lifecycle Methods
    OnSleep, OnResume
    Page Navigation Events
    Modal Navigation Events
    ModelPushed, ModelPopped
    ModalPushing, ModelPopping
    Android Activity Lifecycle
    iOS Lifecycle
    Bindable Infrastructure
    MVVM Architecture
    BindableProperty and BindingBase
    LINQ Expression Object
    Binding Modes
    SetBinding Method
    x:Reference Binding
    Binding Markup Extension

    Module 7 : Page Navigation

    Module 8 : Triggers and Behaviors

    Module 9 : Database Access

    Start Pages
    Back Button Navigation
    Modal Pages
    Modeless Pages
    Navigation Bar
    Task Objects
    Dynamic Page Generation
    Trigger Objects
    PropertyChanged Handler
    Trigger Actions
    Data Triggers and MultiTriggers
    Combining Conditions
    Behaviors with Properties
    Responding to Taps
    Using SQLite in Android
    Using SQLite in iOS
    SQLite and ORM
    SQLite Packages
    Using External Storage
    Synchronization to Cloud
    iOS location Manager Classes
    Using Maps op iOS
    Using Maps on Android
    Translate Location Coordinates
    Tracking Applications

    Module 10 : Rest API Access

    Module 11 : Dependency Injection

    Module 12 : Advanced Topics

    Public REST API
    Resource ID's
    Standard Methods
    Data Contracts
    Building proxies
    Asynchronous patterns
    Async and await
    REST in Android
    REST in iOS
    XML and JSON Access
    Inversion of Control
    Dependency Service
    IoC container
    Native Code Access
    Platform Agnosticity
    Platform Registration
    Platform Resolution
    Interface Implementations
    Registering ViewModels
    Publish and Subscribe
    Loose Coupling
    Messaging Center
    Xamarin.Forms Shell
    Shell Navigation
    Flyout Menu
    Bottom and Top Tabs
  • Course Xamarin Mobile Development : General

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