Course Xamarin Fundamentals

In the course Xamarin Fundamentals participants learn to create cross platform mobile apps with the Xamarin Framework. With Xamarin the same code base can be used to develop apps that work on iPad and iPhone devices as well as Android devices. Visual Studio .NET is used as development environment and C# as programming language.

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  • Course Xamarin Fundamentals : Content

    Xamarin Intro

    The course Xamarin Fundamentals starts with a discussion of setting up the Xamarin development environment, the structure of Xamarin projects and the available Xamarin Tools.

    Cross Platform Development

    Subsequently the general characteristics of cross platform development such as the use of shared projects and portable class libraries are treated. Attention is paid to Mono for Android which has become a great platform for creating apps for Android.

    User Interfaces

    Attention is also paid to the creation of the User Interfaces for apps in both iOS and Android, in which Xamarin Forms plays an important role.

    Activities and View Controllers

    Working with Activities in Android and View Controllers in iOS is also covered. And the lifecycle methods in iOS and Android apps are treated as well.


    Then the focus is set to how you can deal with REST Web Services and the different data formats such as XML and JSON in Xamarin. Asynchronous calls and asynchronous handling with async and await is next on the program of the course Xamarin Fundamentals.

    Database Access

    Finally attention is paid to how you can access databases from apps and to the use of location services and the camera.

  • Course Xamarin Fundamentals : Training

    Audience Xamarin Fundamentals

    The course Xamarin Fundamentals is intended for developers who want to use the Xamarin Framework for the creation of cross-platform mobile apps for iOS en Android.

    Prerequisites Course Xamarin Fundamentals

    To participate in this course knowledge and experience with programming in C# or Java is required. Experience with Visual Studio and Mono for Android is desirable.

    Realization Training Xamarin Fundamentals

    The theory is discussed on the basis of presentation slides and is interspersed with exercises. Illustrative demos are used to clarify the concepts. The course material is in English.

    Xamarin Certification

    After successful completion of the course, participants receive an official certificate Xamarin Fundamentals.

    Course Xamarin Fundamentals
  • Course Xamarin Fundamentals : Modules

    Module 1 : Xamarin Intro

    Module 2 : Cross Platform Development

    Module 3 : User Interfaces

    Cross Platform Development
    Xamarin background
    Xamarin tools
    Device emulators
    GenyMotion virtual Android devices
    XCODE iPad/IPhone emulators
    Mono, MonoTouch and Mono.Android
    Visual Studio Integration
    Cross-platform development
    Local storage
    App navigation techniques
    Native or HTML
    Visual Studio Setup
    Linked files in Visual Studio.
    Compiler directives
    Portable Class libraries
    AXML markup
    Android coded UI approach
    iOS Interface Builder
    iOS coded UI
    MonoTouch Dialog framework
    HTML WebView control
    HTML UIWebView control
    Xamarin.Forms in detail
    Shared Projects

    Module 4 : Activities and View Controllers

    Module 5 : Using REST

    Module 6 : Data Access

    Android Activities
    Activities Lifecycle
    ListActivity and ListAdapter
    iOS Controllers
    iOS ViewController lifecycle
    iOS NavigationController.
    UITableViewSourceIntroduction to REST
    JSON serialisation
    Public REST API.
    Data contracts
    Building proxies
    Asynchronous patterns
    Async en await
    REST in Android
    REST in iOSXML access
    JSON access
    Using SQLite in Android
    Using SQLite in iOS
    SQLite and ORM
    Using external storage
    Synchronisation to cloud
    iOS location Manager Classes
    Using maps op iOS
    Using maps on Android
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