Course ASP.NET Web Development

In the course ASP.NET Web Development participants will get a comprehensive introduction to ASP.NET with which they are able to develop modern state of the art web applications. After completing the course participants will understand the important aspects of ASP.NET and apply these in their own web applications.
Attention is paid to building a User Interface in ASP.NET that uses Master Pages and all sorts of controls.
Next the possibilities ASP.NET has for input validation of these controls are discussed. Accessing databases with ADO.NET from ASP.NET applications is on the program as well.
An important aspect of Web applications is how user data can be maintained between requests and how user sessions can be made. This is discussed in the section on State Management.
Finally attention is paid to the Entity Framework which implements Object Relational Mapping.

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  • Course ASP.NET Web Development : Content

  • Course ASP.NET Web Development : Training

    Audience ASP.NET Web Development Course

    The course ASP.NET Web Development is intended for Web developers who want to learn ASP.NET and Visual Studio.

    Prerequisites Course ASP.NET Web Development

    To participate in this course a good knowledge of HTML and basic knowledge of C# is required.

    Realization Training ASP.NET Web Development

    The course has a hands-on nature. The theory is treated on the basis of presentation slides. The theory is interspersed with demos and exercises. The course materials are in English.

    Certification ASP.NET Web Development Course

    After successful completion of the course the participants receive an official ASP.NET Web Development certificate.

    Course ASP.NET Web Development
  • Course ASP.NET Web Development : Modules

    Module 1 : Intro to ASP.NET

    Module 2 : ASP.NET UI

    Module 3 : Validation Controls

    Overview of ASP.NET
    HTML Controls
    Web From Server Controls
    How Web Forms Work
    IIS Objects
    Creating User Controls
    Web Forms with Controls
    Developing with Visual Studio
    Uniform Page Layout
    Devising Site Templates
    Controls on Master Pages
    Implementing ASP.NET Menu
    TreeView and SiteMapPath
    Defining Structure using SiteMaps
    Dynamically Moving between Pages
    Themes with CSS and Skins
    Styling Controls with Skins
    Introducing Validation Controls
    Validation Requirements
    RequiredFieldValidator Control
    RangeValidator Control
    RegEx Syntax
    CustomValidator Control
    ValidationSummary Control

    Module 4 : ADO.NET

    Module 5 : State Management

    Module 6 : Entity Framework

    ADO.NET Intro
    Introducing DataReader
    Retrieving DataSets Generically
    Working with Relations
    ADO.NET Connections
    Connection Information
    Connection Objects
    Updating Command Objects
    Investigating State Management
    Using Session Object
    Using Cookies
    ViewState Property
    Cookieless Sessions
    ASP.NET State Service
    SQL Server State Management
    What's Changed from ASP
    Reporting with Entities
    Filtering Data
    Dynamically Cached Data
    Binding Entity Framework
    Entity DataSource
    Dynamically Generating Queries
    Query Extender
    Selecting and Sorting with LINQ
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