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Bij SpiralTrain vind u een veelomvattend trainingsaanbod op het gebied van software ontwikkeling. Denk hierbij aan trainingen in programmeertalen zoals Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby en Perl, maar ook aan trainingen voor Web Applicatie Development zoals HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, PHP en ASP.NET en trainingen voor de ontwikkeling van Mobiele Apps voor Apple en Android devices. Ook kunt u bij ons ook terecht voor trainingen op het gebied van XML, UML, SQL, database design, het software proces, testen, Agile en Requirements Gathering. Wij maken in onze trainingen veel gebruik van Open Source software zoals Eclipse, NetBeans, Apache en Tomcat.

Java JVM at 20

The JVM, Java’s other big legacy http://www.spiraltrain.nl/java-programmeren/ http://www.spiraltrain.nl/groovy-programmeren/ http://www.spiraltrain.nl/scala-programmeren/ Think of Java, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this week, and your first thoughts most likely go to the language itself. But underneath the language is a piece of technology that has a legacy at least as important and powerful as Java itself: the Java virtual machine, or […]

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OpenSSH in PowerShell

http://www.spiraltrain.nl/scripting-with-powershell The gap between Windows and Linux system administrators is shrinking with Microsoft’s support for OpenSSH. Believe it or not, Microsoft is working on supporting OpenSSH. Yes, Microsoft is getting ready to support one of the mainstays of BSD, Linux, and Unix system administration. This is less surprising than it sounds. The days when Windows and […]

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Long Live PHP

Long Live PHP http://www.spiraltrain.nl/php-programmeren/ http://www.spiraltrain.nl/advanced-php-programmeren/ http://www.spiraltrain.nl/php-programmer-certification/ http://www.spiraltrain.nl/php-zend-framework-programmeren/ The PHP community has been buzzing about all the significant releases such as PHP 7, Symfony 3 and Drupal 8 in 2015. With improved userland application frameworks, better performance and lower memory usage PHP is about to be better than ever. PHP has for the longest time been the […]

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The State of C++

The State of C++ – Is it Back or Not? http://arne-mertz.de/2015/06/the-state-of-c-is-it-back-or-not/ http://www.spiraltrain.nl/cpp-programmeren/ http://www.spiraltrain.nl/advanced-cplusplus-programmeren/ A few years ago when C++11 was published, people saw that C++ might be becoming a different language and a wave of enthusiasm got hold of the C++ community. “C++ is back!” was an often read sentence in blogs and articles. With C++14 out and C++17 […]

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